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The IMUA today . . .

The Illinois Municipal Utilities Association is a not-for-profit corporation functioning as a trade association for municipalities that own and operate their own electric, natural gas, water, wastewater and telecommunications systems in Illinois . It is composed of 64 municipalities, 55 associate members and 7 affiliate members.

IMUA is governed by an 17-member board of directors drawn from its member municipalities. The board makes all decisions relating to policies undertaken by the Association. A President and CEO administers day-to-day operations. The IMUA is financed through dues collected from its members, those dues being proportional to utility sales, and from fees associated with its training activities.

Among the IMUA's services are:

Utility training:
The Association provides hand-on training and classroom seminars to help the men and women who work in the field for municipal utilities to work safely.

Safety workshops: The IMUA holds monthly safety program meetings in all areas of the state.

Emergency aid: In the event of natural disasters, IMUA coordinates assistance in the form of heavy equipment and personnel from the municipal utilities all over the state to the affected member.

Legislative and regulatory oversight: The Association tracks legislation and regulations that affect the members, provide regular alerts, and intervenes through timely lobbying efforts.

General communications: The Association produces a quarterly newsletter and other communication materials, highlighting issues and events important to all municipal utility officials.

Special meetings: The Association holds a large conference focusing on policy and hands-on training each spring.